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One of the latest highly interesting black enterprises include New Casinos (www.new-casinos.uk), a site with all the latest from the gambling industry. As the name reveals, here you can find online casinos that are new on the market. Founder M Jalmerot always tries to get exclusive deals with free spins, so people can try it out without any risk.

Some of the current top offers from New Casinos include Slotty Vegas with 15 exclusive free spins and brand new Kaboo casino. Kaboo is in said to be located in another galaxy and they even have another vocabulary for common casino words. One example is free spins that are called “echos” in Kaboo’s world.

If you prefer to play on some new British casinos, there are plenty to choose from – and growing every week. New trends include cashback, that is now available at many leading new casinos. Another trend in the UK is to offer free spins after registration. A majority of all the latest online gambling places offer exactly that.

Another thing that Black Enterprise can recommend is the daily offers. Every day, the website showcase current promotions and daily casino offers available. Players looking for a new casino can easily find what they are after here. Land based casinos are another thing that this site is great at showing. All European casinos are listed here, and quiet a few Asian and American. Full list can be found



Errol Lawson
Black author Errol Lawson with a troublesome past has launched a inspirational book called From the Post Code to the Globe: How to overcome limitations and realise your potential. Here he describe his journey from gangster to pastor and successful black entrepreneur with the world as his market.

Errol Lawson’s background

At age 11, Errol diverted into a delinquent lifestyle. And by age 13 he became involved in drug and gang lifestyle. A few years later, Errol left his mothers house and found himself homeless, finding various means to survive. Many people thought he wouldn’t make it, however a series of events took place which led to Mr Lawson becoming an entrepreneur and pastor at the age of 27. In the book, From Post Code to the Globe, he describe the mentality and related gang affiliation. For your people to grow up with



Black Enterprise recently received a book from publicist behind The Wealth Choice: Success secrets of Black Millionaires. We decided to read it and here comes a short book review.

It’s no secret that average African Americans and British black people have less measurable assets than white people in the same countries. According to the author, Dennis Kimbro, it’s possible to develop a wrath-generating mindset and habits for everyone. You just need to focus and know how to reach your goal.

This book will help you:
ยท Develop a wealth-generating mindset and habits.



Dt Plumbing and Heating are a different kind of plumbing company in London. The fast growing firm is driven by a skilled entreprenur called Amine. Every quarter, the company seems to grow and add new services. In February, they opened up a 24 hour helpline to service customers getting plumbing and boiler problems in the middle of the night. Dt Plumbing and Heating offer their plumbing and boiler repair services to all London postcodes.


According to some, there are almost no black people working in the IT and Technology sector. Even though the sector is growing, the unemployment among young black men are higher than ever before. Below is an infographic about black people in the IT-sector:



Offshore Enterprise?

Many companies decide to set up a bransch abroad nowdays. There is many islands and locations to choose from, and re-location providers to use.

Re-location for UK business
The most common destinations for UK businesses




Russell Simmons (born October 4, 1957 in Queens, NY), is an African American entrepreneur, the co-founder of the pioneering hip-hop label Def Jam Recordings and creator of the diverse corporation, Rush Communications.

Russell Simmons growing up

Simmons attended City College of New York but left his studies to begin promoting local rap acts, including Kurtis Blow and Run-DMC and producing records. In 1984, he met Rick Rubin and they founded Def Jam Records, signing the Beastie Boys, LL Cool J, Jay-Z, Ludacris and other acts. Simmons sold his stake in the record company for over $100 million to Universal Music Group in 1999.

Simmons creation of Rush Communications

Def Jam became just one piece of Simmons’ corporation, Rush Communications, which included a management company, clothing label’s such as



Lord Waheed Alli was born the 16 November 1964 in south London. He is a British multimillionaire media entrepreneur and politician with Caribbean parents. His mum are a nurse from Trinidad and his dad are from Guyana.

When he was 34 years old, 1998, he become the youngest and the first openly gay peer in the british Parliament. He is also a dedicated muslim, kind of unusual combination.

Lord Waheed Ali are a former television producer and later politician and entrepreneur. He is currently chairman for both ASOS.com, Britains largest online-only fashion and beauty store and Chorion – a leading provider of quality family entertainment across all media.


Soon, the ‘new’ site of BlackEnterprises.co.uk will be launched. It’s a website discussing and showing successfull black individuals and companies – especially those in finance, trading, business, gambling, property and sports.

Do you know any successful black man or girl? Do not hesitate to send us an email and we’ll try to contact them.

BlackEnterprises.co.uk will do interviews with a few famous or not so famous black males and females. Any



Welcome back to BlackEnterprise.co.uk. Here you will find a lot of info about black that ‘made it’ – and they made it well..

Look at Barack Obama – he was the first black president of America and will go to the history books after his Nobel Prize success. So, why did he win the Nobel Peace Prize 2009?

“The Nobel Peace Prize 2009 “for his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples”, was the motivator from the Nobel Prize Comitee.

Nobel Prize, an definition and list of black winners

So, what is the Nobel Prize after all? It’s a fund, founded by Alfred Nobel in 1901, promoting great archievements in various subjects. Other famous black nobel prize winners are Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela and Kofi Annan.