Errol Lawson
Black author Errol Lawson with a troublesome past has launched a inspirational book called From the Post Code to the Globe: How to overcome limitations and realise your potential. Here he describe his journey from gangster to pastor and successful black entrepreneur with the world as his market.

Errol Lawson’s background

At age 11, Errol diverted into a delinquent lifestyle. And by age 13 he became involved in drug and gang lifestyle. A few years later, Errol left his mothers house and found himself homeless, finding various means to survive. Many people thought he wouldn’t make it, however a series of events took place which led to Mr Lawson becoming an entrepreneur and pastor at the age of 27. In the book, From Post Code to the Globe, he describe the mentality and related gang affiliation. For your people to grow up with a mindset that their very existence is limited to the 5 block radius in which they live is not acceptable. Errol believes this mindset not only represent a relatively small geographical location but also reflects a negative mentality and attitude to live, with young people believe “It’s not possible”, “I’m not good enough” , “I don’t expect much from life”. The globe mindset on the other hand, represent possibility, freedom and success.

Read this book and you’ll get familiar with the principles learned from his own journey, to empower youth and young adults alike to become the best they can. You find more about him at the official website, www.errollawson.com, or at his Twitter profile (@Errollawson).

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